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Things to do (this summer)!!!

Nu am sa-mi scuz lipsa de pe blog, pentru simplul fapt ca e blogul meu personal, dar am sa va spun ca nu am avut chef de el :P.

Dar, acum ca a venit vara, eu, alaturi de doua prietene (Saby, Toby) am pus la cale o lista de chestii amuzante, ca sa ne amintim de copilarie si nu numai. Din moment ce e ultima noastra vara ca minore, adica copile cu acte in regula, ne gandeam sa facem toate chestiile puerile, infantile, imature pe care le gasim interesante.

Am sa-mi scriu lista aici si o sa arat care dintre ideile noastre le-am indeplinit.

Lista e in engleza.

  1. *Wicca (read about)
  2. *Spiritism box (that should be fun at night)
  3. *Sleepovers
  4. Send a mail/mass (one of those random stuff, that people send it to others)
  5. *Establish a club for bored to death people (you can find us on facebook somewhere… lost and ignored as a group)
  6. Scrapbook
  7. *Draw outdoors
  8. *Play cards
  9. *Play games (monopoly)
  10. * Watch Movies
  11.  *Mini Road Trips
  12.  *Knit (attempted… unsuccessfully)
  13.  *Read
  14.  *Learn to play a musical instrument (harmmonica… I think someone got hurt because of my atrocious sounds)
  15.  Do friendship bracelets
  16.  Invent something
  17.  *Make a list about random stuff
  18.  *Do huge soap bubbles
  19.  Do a kite
  20.  Go camping in a back yard
  21.  Water fight
  22.  *Increase your napkins collection
  23.  Play tag in the rain (tag= prinselea)
  24.  *Picnic
  25.  Discover a talent
  26.  * Choreography (I suck at dancing… but I tried, or something)
  27.  *Take pictures, lots and lots.
  28.  *Cook
  29.  *Be nostalgic
  30.  *Make a soundtrack list of your life (objects)
  31.  Buy coloring books
  32.  *Spent a day in library (a couple of hours, then I got bored..)
  33.  Make a collage
  34.  Visit museums
  35.  *Throw a Tea party, dress fancy (I don’t have hats, I had to wear a cowboy hat… not so fancy)
  36.  Do a time capsule
  37.  *Dress completely in black, at night, to scare people when they don’t see you.
  38.  Make Halloween costumes or decorations
  39.  *Origami
  40.  Play with plasticine
  41.  Go to theatre
  42.  *Put the list on blog
  43.  Vlog
  44.  *Draw with chalk
  45.  Play with Hula hoops (they’re damn expensive..)
  46.  *Invent fancy Cocktails (just mix some stuff, if you don’t get sick, it’s good enough)
  47.  Go Paintball (if you have money) – we didn’t had the money
  48.  Go bowling – no money no power
  49.  *Wear hats
  50.  *Karaoke on creepy/difficult songs (did it at night, to scare the crap out of my neighbours)
  51.  Get a hena Tattoo
  52.  Buy a gun with little balls as bullets
  53.  *RESPECT the list!
  54.  Saby, get a bike. – she didn’t get thay freakin’ bike
  55.  *Go to zoo (don’t forget about boats)
  56.  Be fuckin’ happy, always! – boredom is related to happiness, they’re distand cousins or something
  57.  Stay motivated – (With what? With a list? I am clearly psychotic)
  58.  *Reenact your favorite movie (a scene…)
  59.  Make a soundtrack list for your life (people)
  60.  *Learn to joggle – I can totally joggle like 2 stuff and a third one if I’m lucky
  61.  *Do/ Invent/ Play random stuff (do whatever you want)
  62.  Play twist (do paper cones)
  63.  Learn a new card game
  64.  Make house chocolate and invent a new flavor
  65.  Cosplaying
  66.  *Find a site who gives you random numbers
  67.  *Rate passers by (preferably boys) – wasn’t impressed, we had a weak selection..
  68.  *Make prank phone calls – Hello! We’re from Happy death services and we can burry people half the price today
  69.  *Step off a curb with eyes shut, imagine it’s a cliff
  70.  *Burn things with a magnifying glass (is it even possible?) – not with my magnifying glass
  71.  *Stare at the back of someone’s head until they turn around – Freaks?! They looked!
  72.  *Take a walk and record the sounds – nothing interesting..
  73.  *Create your own holiday – Bazooka day, where you can use a bazooka, if you have one. It’s on 7 July
  74. ?

* We did them, at least one of us